Deadeye supply is America's leader in firearm safety! When you use a Deadeye Supply plug for your firearm, you get a quick visual confirmation that your Firearm is safe.


Rimfire Plug


For .17 & .22 caliber rifles

Product Description

The Rimfire Plug is a bullet shaped unit that fits into the chamber of your rifle. Our Rimfire plugs are sold internationally from hunter education programs to families who want to ensure the safety of their rifles. The Rimfire is designed to fit .17 and .22 caliber rifles.


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How much is your safety worth? How about the safety of those around you? This is the must have safety product of all time! A Rimfire Plug is a great visual confirmation that your firearm is safe and it’s inexpensive. Get one for yourself. Get one for your entire family. Whether you’re an educator or a parent or both, if you’re around a firearm you need a safe indicator, i.e., the Rimfire Plug.


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