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With over 70,000+ Saf-T-Plugs sold, Deadeye Supply provides the most affordable and trusted safety products on the market.

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Welcome to deadeye Supply Inc. We are pioneers in the gun safety industry. Please review our items and consider them for use. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or safety educator these products are a distinct visual confirmation that your firearm is safe. We sell thousands of Saf-T-Plugs from national safety programs, state and federal, as well as to families who want to ensure the safety of their guns.

“The Saf-T-Plug is one of the most ingenious shotgun safety devices invented for semi-auto and pump shotguns. With the Saf-T-Plug in place, the action may not be closed. You can look instantly at the action and see that the shotgun is safe, however, one must still remember to always point the muzzle in a safe direction.”
Terri Erwin, Hunter Education Coordinator Past President IHEA Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.
This a great product. It’s simple and does the job.Don’t spend tons of money on other items out there. I bought all three items, the Saf-t-plug, Rimfire plug, and the Multi plug. Peace of mind doesn’t have to be expensive.
First Timer, Deadeye Supply Customer

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